Leadership Summit for Fatherhood


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Upcoming Event in February 2022!

According to the United States Census Bureau, one out of four (18.3 million) children live without a father in the home.  Father absence is associated with widespread negative outcomes for children at all stages of development.  Many of the social problems (e.g., child poverty, child abuse/neglect, death in infancy, behavior problems, poor school performance, teen pregnancy, crime, gang violence, substance abuse, etc.) in our communities are directly related to uninvolved or absence fathers. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2020)

San Bernardino Fatherhood seeks to address this issue by collaborating with local community leaders/stakeholders in building a culture for fatherhood initiative and develop action plans to mobilize responsible fatherhood in our local communities. 

1.  Annual Leadership Summit on Fatherhood

To collaborate with key community-based leaders/stakeholders from different sectors (e.g., social services, education, healthcare, media, business, governmental, etc.) who are passionate and committed in combating father absence, developing father-friendly environments,  and promoting responsible fatherhood in their organizations and communities.

2.  Conduct a needs and assets assessment.

To collaborate with community leaders/stakeholders in conducting a needs and assets assessment of its ability to create a father-friendly environment and family service culture that is inclusive of men and fathers. 

3.  Anchor and plan to mobilize a responsible Fatherhood Initiative

To collaborate with community leaders/stakeholders in implementing and mobilizing action plans with resources and services that are “father friendly” and “father focused” in the local communities.

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