Father’s Day Weekend w/ Inland Empire Sixty Sixers



“Father’s Day Weekend with Inland Empire Sixty-Sixers Baseball” is an opportunity to highlight and to engage fathers and father-figures in the celebration of Father’s Day by attending an Inland Empire Sixty Sixers Baseball game on the Saturday before Father’s Day, along with their children, mothers and other family members at San Manuel Stadium (a family friendly-environment). 

There are negative effects when dads are absent and overwhelmingly positive results when they are present and involved.  Whether married, single, or non-custodial, these fathers can be critical contributors to the overall healthy development of their children and their children’s children.

On May 22, 2018, the Board of Supervisors for the County of San Bernardino proclaimed the “month of June through 2023 as Fatherhood Awareness Month” to raise awareness of “the importance of fatherhood and a father’s engagement with his children and family”.  In alignment, we are seeking your support in this “father engagement” event. 

Many of our low-income Dads do not have the finances to provide their kids and family members with the all expense of family event (when considering the cost of parking, food and drinks).  Therefore, San Bernardino Fatherhood seeks donations to assist low-income fathers and families in participating in this event. 

Our goal is to have over 200 dads, children and family members present for this event in recognition and support of “Fatherhood Awareness Month”. 

For more information, contact San Bernardino Fatherhood.

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