See How These Leaders Embraced Father-Inclusiveness in Their Community



Posted by Erik Vecere
National Fatherhood Initiative
October 11, 2022

How does a community embrace the inclusion of fathers in a community’s human service programs and services? Look no further than what leaders in San Bernardino County, California (CA) are doing.

I had the honor of facilitating a Leadership Summit for Fatherhood (LSF) in San Bernardino, CA on August 24thand 25th, 2022.

The LSF was coordinated by San Bernardino Fatherhood (SBF) whose mission is to eliminate fatherlessness in San Bernardino by promoting a culture of father inclusion and responsible fatherhood in its communities. Their mission will be accomplished in collaboration with local schools, community partners, faith-based organizations, and public and private agencies. SBF’s vision is to see a society where children thrive, families are stronger, and communities are safer as a result of responsible fathering.

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