Daddy and Daughter Dance 2022


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We would like to thank all of the families that attended our event on Saturday, March 2021 at Salvation Army of San Bernardino.  A big thank you to our sponsors for the venue for this event.


“Daddy & Daughter Dance” is an event targeting fathers/fathers-figures and their daughters/daughter-figures, ages 6 to 24 years old.  Our primary objectives are:

  1. To raise awareness to the importance of the positive relationship between fathers/father-figures and their daughters/daughter-figures.
  2. To provide a supportive environment for connecting and strengthening the bond between fathers/father-figures and their daughters/daughter-figures.

Research shows that when fathers are positively involved, daughters are often:

  • More self-confident and self-reliant.
  • More successful in school and in their careers.
  • More individualized, self-directed, self-sufficient and self-regulated.
  • Have better communication and problems solving skills.
  • Less likely to develop depression, anxiety and eating disorders.
  • Less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors.
  • More able to trust, enjoy and relate well to other male figures in their life.

“Father/Daughter Relationships”, Nielsen, 2012

San Bernardino Fatherhood anticipates the following outcomes:

  • Increasing public awareness in the importance of positive father involvement.
  • Increasing opportunities that support a culture of positive father involvement.
  • Increasing students’ academic performances by promoting father involvement in children’s education. 
  • Increasing family cohesiveness through a culture of positive father involvement.
  • Increasing supportive services for (both) teen parents and their infant by promoting and supporting a culture of father involvement.
  • Increase safety networks against child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking through the awareness and promotion of positive father involvement in their children’s lives.  

Event activities also includes:

This year’s theme is “Fathers Loving Daughters”. Information will be provided on the importance of fathers expressing love toward their daughters based on the book, “The Five Love Languages”, by author Gary Chapman. There will be a formal (voluntary) ceremony with fathers vowing to love their daughters and daughters vowing to honor their fathers. 

Other activities will include: Food, music (DJ) , dance, raffle prizes, photo booth and family-fun!

Sponsor Contributions

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Use of facilities and event venue.

Children's Network

Tickets donated to low-income and/or disadvantaged fathers and families.

Inland Empire Community Foundation

San Bernardino Fatherhood Financial supporter

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