24/7 Dad Key Behaviors Workshop June 12th




We would like to thank our attendees that came on Saturday June 12th at the YMCA for this event.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors who made this possible


Description:  24/7 Dad Key Behaviors Workshop: A Small Group Gathering for Men.

In this one day workshop, men will learn and apply 12 key behaviors of a 24/7 Dad. Whether they’ve participated in the 24/7 Dad program or not, men can participate in this workshop with confidence!

In a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment, men will learn the first 10 behaviors that are associated with each of the five characteristics (Self- Awareness, Caring for Self, Fathering Skills, Parenting Skills, and Relationships Skills) of the 24/7 Dad. Then, men will learn the last two important behaviors of “Paying It Forward” and “Community Engagement”.

In this adventure of self-discovery, men will enjoy fellowship with other men in receiving gifts, solving riddles, partake in raffle drawings, and enjoying some good food and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Certificates will be awarded at the end of the workshop. All activities will be adhered to under local public health and safety guidelines. Face masks and social distancing will be required. Seats are limited, so register today on Eventbrite or call (909) 567-9508.

A practical workshop to help fathers learn the importance of developing and applying the following 12 key behaviors of a 24/7 Dad:

1.      Working with an Accountability Partner or Partners (Self-Awareness)

2.      Reflecting on a weekly basis (Self-Awareness)

3.      Taking Care of Physical Health on a Regular Basis (Caring for Self)

4.      Taking Care of Emotional/Mental health on a Regular Basis (Caring for Self)

5.      Developing Skills that reflect His Role in the Family (Fathering Skills)

6.      Modeling Healthy Masculinity (Fathering Skills)

7.      Disciplining His Children in Healthy Ways (Parenting Skills)

8.      Nurturing His Children (Parenting Skills)

9.      Communicating Well with Mom and Their Children (Relationship Skills)

10.   Building and Maintaining a Good Relationship with Mom (Relationship Skills)

11.   Pays It Forward (Bonus)

12.   Engages with His Community (Bonusp

Sponsor Contributions

YMCA - San Bernardino

Facilities use for the event, Volunteers, Technology, Equipment, Advertisements

SB County Public Defender Office

Face masks and gift cards for fathers.

Inland Empire Children Book Project

Donation of children books to give to fathers.

Inland Empire Community Foundation

A San Bernardino Fatherhood's financial supporter.

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