June 3

Boot Camps for New Dads Workshop

Boot Camp for New Dads enables new dads to step up to the challenge of being a dad and feel confident bringing the new baby home. This is a three-hour workshop covering fatherhood and the needs of new mothers and new babies. During this workshop, the (facilitator) Coach will make sure new (Rookie) dads talk about what they are most concerned about as new dads and other important topics.


June 10

Father’s Day Weekend w/ Inland Empire 66ers Baseball

“Father’s Day Weekend with Inland Empire Sixty-Sixers Baseball” engages fathers and father figures in celebrating Father’s Day by attending an Inland Empire Sixty Sixers Baseball game the Saturday before Father’s Day, along with their children and family members.

June 24

Walter Beasley Jazz Concert: A Tribute to Fathers

San Bernardino Fatherhood is excited to announce the Walter Beasley Jazz Concert: A Tribute To Fathers as a highlight in bringing awareness to the importance of fathers in the lives of children, families, and communities. This event highlights the importance of all fathers, especially our African-American/Black fathers, who support maternal health and infant care to decrease maternal and infant deaths in San Bernardino County.

June 28

Dad, Kids and Family at SB Raceway

In recognition and celebration of Fatherhood Awareness Month, Dads and Father figures are invited to bring their kids, moms, and family to SB Raceway for a fun time of go-kart racing, food/drinks, and other father-friendly and family-fun activities.

Dads, kids and family can have fun racing the gas-powered go-karts. You must be at least 10 years old and be 4’8″ (56″) tall to race at SB Raceway.  Other family members can watch the race from the lobby observation windows, sit at the track-side tables or enjoy family fun of the arcades and games inside the facility.


Help Promote Fatherhood Awareness Month